Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?

With winter behind us and Spring on our doorstep, are you looking for a fresh start? Is something causing you to worry a lot? Did you have a tough winter with the flu or COVID? Are you craving more meaning, purpose and joy in your daily life?

If so, A Shot of Resilience online workshop series is for YOU!

In this experiential 6-week series, boost your resilience NOW so you can approach challenges and worries differently, effectively, and with great confidence.

Join me for my live, interactive A Shot of Resilience workshop series held on Zoom.

Over the course of six weeks, I will help you to:
– Learn one resilience skill weekly so you’re prepared for what’s next.
– Replace old habits with new ones as you practice new techniques.
– Connect with like-minded peers and realize you’re not alone.
– Normalize daily life as you dedicate regular time to learn and grow.
– Infuse positivity in your world as you bond with a supportive community.

Ready for your shot of resilience?

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“Shortly after the A Shot of Resilience series, I had a serious accident and broke both my wrists! I made a conscious decision to take my fall with resilience and learn from it. Humor really helped me – I looked ridiculous with two big casts on my arms – I couldn’t stop laughing at myself! I continually reminded myself to use the skills you taught to get through the difficult days. Thanks, Jan, for delivering such an effective and timely workshop. I think we are all somewhat resilient from within . . . you manage to bring it out!”

Adelia Bensoussan

“Jan is organized, laser-focused, and has so much to share.  She truly cares.  It’s a tremendous source of connection and support.  You learn that others are experiencing the same issues and concerns.  My greatest takeaway is a four-letter word — HOPE.”

Ellen K.

“Jan’s common-sense approach puts labels on feelings and coping strategies so you can readily put them into practice.  A strong sense of community is created.  We can all use a source of strength and encouragement right now!”

Dr. Barbara Cohen Polinsky



Welcome! I’m Jan Zacharjasz, MS, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, and my passion is to help people regain their balance through unexpected life change and come out stronger than ever. As the founder of Coaching for Resilience, I love nothing more than to help people gain courage and resilience through work, health, and family changes. This way, they can reframe their lives, let go, and thrive again.

When it comes to the COVID pandemic, who could have ever anticipated the mega-change in our world we’ve been experiencing! I’ve been right in the trenches with you – I lost my dearest aunt. I reinvented my business. I reunited 30 people on Zoom for my Mom’s 92nd birthday. I planned my daughter’s wedding with “Plan A” and “Plan B.” I understand how overwhelming it can be.

My mission is to combine my professional skills with my personal experience so others can manage the change that is impacting their world.

If you are like the hundreds of people I’ve helped, you probably think you’re the only one experiencing such frustration, fear, helplessness, loneliness, or impatience. But you’re not.

You don’t have to do it alone; it can be different. You can be resilient. Let’s do this together!

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