One-On-One Coaching

We’ll work with a solutions-oriented approach that empowers you to do the things you truly want to do, and maximizes your mid and later years of life.  You can count on Jan Zacharjasz, founder of Coaching for Resilience, to keep you on track, hold you to your word, and ensure that you stay true to yourself.  Despite challenges, limitations, or losses, Jan will support you to achieve balance, move forward, and emerge ready and invigorated to make the most of this time of life!

Life Transition Coaching

Developing resilience in the face of mid to later life transitions is an essential ingredient to moving forward.  We’ll help you move from surviving to thriving through changes, including:

Sandwich Generation Stresses – juggling the needs of your aging parents and children and still having time for yourself; handling caregiving costs; identifying essential resources to manage it all.

College Excitement and Fears (for Parents) – dealing with the stresses of the application process; letting go and trusting that your child will make good choices; re-negotiating house rules during school vacations and summertime.   

Empty Nester Surprises – rediscovering your relationship with your spouse; parenting adult children; living harmoniously with adult children who move back home.

Downsizing Dreams and Realities – simplifying life; decluttering; letting go of your lifelong home and accumulated possessions while still treasuring your memories of them.

Changes in Body Image and Health – adjusting to the “new normal” you see when you look in the mirror; managing chronic health issues that emerge; leading a healthy lifestyle.

Unemployment Dilemmas – coping with life as a high-paid, displaced or early-retired executive; re-inventing yourself.

Newly Becoming Single – adjusting to being single again, whether by choice or not.

Becoming a Grandparent – determining what’s welcomed and what’s not as your children become parents; grandparenting from afar.

Retirement Decisions – deciding when and what’s next; maintaining your identity and relevance; structuring your time with meaningful routines, activities, and commitments; re-inventing yourself; “giving back.”

Accepting Losses – adjusting to the loss of cognitive or physical functioning of a spouse, parent, or yourself due to a chronic illness, and the “early mourning” that may result.  Coping with changes in identity, status, or self-esteem as a displaced breadwinner or retiree.  Loss of independence. Death of a loved one.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a way to measure how your perceptions and attitudes impact your actions.  We view the world through filters that either limit or expand what we see.  These filters determine what we think about our circumstances and how we present ourselves in different situations.  They also impact how much positive, growth-oriented energy, versus negative, constraining energy, we live with on a daily basis.

The ELI assessment reveals what specific filters you’ve developed and how they influence the results you’re achieving in your life . . . and how they may be holding you back from experiencing your full potential.  By taking the ELI assessment combined with one-on-one coaching with Jan Zacharjasz, founder of Coaching for Resilience, you’ll have the ability to reshape your filters and move from functioning adequately to functioning optimally!

The Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief will change the way you view your world.  Are you ready to make this change?  If so, contact us now!

Workshops and Discussion Groups

Join us for one of our workshops or discussion groups! We’re happy to bring our programs onsite to your workplace, community organization, or business. For more information, contact Jan Zacharjasz at or 215-380-9878.

Resilient Living:   Learn how to strengthen your strengths and bounce back from stress and life changes. See where you are, where you want to be, and develop your plan for getting there.

Resilient Living Part 2 – Discussion Group Series:   Dive deeper and expand the nine character traits we all have to increase your personal resilience and age positively.

“NESTLE” into a Healthy Lifestyle:   Life changes and surprises can impact how you age.  Discover your health and wellness priorities, identify what may be holding you back, and come away with a formula for healthy living.

Energetic Relationships:   Who in your life lifts you up or brings you down?  Discover how positive versus negative energy impacts your life and how you can shift your energy for optimal living.

The Sandwich Generation Crunch – Navigating and Achieving Balance:   Suddenly, roles reverse and you become your parents’ caregiver.  Learn about essential resources and recapture yourself while supporting your loved ones – parents, children, and spouse.

Nest for the Future – Reinventing Yourself:   Explore your passions, wish-lists, and skill sets.  Build your new nest and reinvent yourself!

Complimentary Coaching Consultation

As a consumer, it’s so important to make informed decisions.  That’s why I invite you for a 45-minute complimentary coaching consultation with me.  Find out what coaching is like.  Find out if you like me. If you like coaching and you like me, let’s work together so you can move from surviving to thriving!