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Honestly Aging

Building resilience is a critical part of successful aging. But what does it entail? Join me as I share concrete ways to build resilience in your daily life. I cover how mid- to later life transitions impact resilience, the nine traits that foster resilience, mindset shifts, and how we can manage a change impacting us now. Watch the video below.

Retirement Wisdom

Learn why resilience building is vital – and whether it’s something you’re born with or can be learned.  In this episode, I share my journey to becoming a Certified Professional Coach, discuss the challenges my mid-life clients face, and explore the importance of resilience – whether it’s innate or can be learned. I also delve into my coaching approach and how it benefits those navigating significant life transitions.

Seekers Of Meaning

Learn about what coaching can do for you and how resilience can be your wild card for managing mid and later life change. Tune in to hear my insights on coaching approaches and the benefits of resilience in overcoming life’s obstacles.


Discover the books I've found most helpful and inspiring.
  • Coaching for Caregivers:  How to Reach Out Before you Burn Out by Yosaif August.
  • How Do I Get There from Here?  Planning for Retirement when the Old Rules No Longer Apply by George H. Schofield, Ph.D.
  • Live Smart After 50! The Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times by Life Planning Network.
  • Live Your Legacy Now!  Ten Simple Steps to Find Your Passion and Change the World by Barbara Greenspan Shaiman.
  • Option B:  Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.
  • The Chair Rocks:  A Manifesto Against Ageism by Ashton Applewhite.
  • The New Senior Woman by Thelma Reese, Ph.D. and Barbara M. Fleisher, Ph.D.
  • The New Senior Man by Thelma Reese, PhD. and Barbara M. Fleisher, Ph.D.



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