Rarely have I met someone who so quickly had such an impact on my life. When I started my coaching with Jan, my wife and I were in a crisis dealing with my serious medical issues. We were trying to understand how best to put the quality of our lives back together. I was feeling very confused, very sad, and experiencing a lot of stress. Jan was exceptionally kind, delicate in thought, sincere, and able to gain my trust very quickly. Almost immediately, I began to organize my thoughts more effectively and prioritize, which relieved a great deal of stress for me. My wife began to notice changes! Our sessions always begin and end on a positive note with “assignments” for me to work on at home. Jan has truly helped me feel better and gain confidence that I can manage my illness and enjoy life. I can’t say enough about Jan as a coach, and highly recommend her to others!

Managing Chronic Health Issues and Maintaining Quality of Life

I was transitioning back to my hometown, and was unsatisfied with the progress I was making on my own. I was finding it difficult to re-establish meaningful daily routines and time commitments, and reconnect with family and friends. With Jan’s coaching and encouragement, I was able to voice the obstacles that were in my way, and come up with tasks and strategies that put me back on track and accelerated my momentum. Jan was always engaging and positive, which enabled me to refocus my energy. As a result, I’m now on several community Boards, joined a women’s group, and am on the path to a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend Jan to anyone needing to redefine meaningful ways to structure their time.

Re-inventing Yourself

I was unhappy at work, mostly due to staff changes and a significant increase in my workload. In addition, my grown children and grandchild live out of town. I wanted to visit them more often but felt anxious asking for time off. About to turn 65, I was seriously considering retiring to avoid it all. Jan and I spent a lot of time talking about these situations. She referred me to resources to help me explore worthwhile things I’d like to do were I to retire soon. Eventually, I realized the stress I was experiencing wasn’t worth the trade-off of quality family time and the flexibility to do things that are really important to me — focusing on my health, volunteering, and continuing to learn and contribute. Thanks to my work with Jan, I made this choice on my terms. It was a big step and I’m glad I took it!

Retirement Decision

I had a complimentary session with Jan and after that meeting, it was an easy decision to work with her. She has a great presence that allowed me to experience joy, pain, and all of the emotions in between. She did an excellent job of keeping me on track to succeed at the goals I set up for myself. I mended broken relationships, lost some weight, and I am now living a healthier lifestyle. I feel I can take a step back from situations and evaluate them from different perspectives which allows for better outcomes. I am relieved to know that Jan is there if I find myself with other challenges. I know she will help me through situations I would otherwise struggle with, and keep me on the right path toward success!

Mending Relationships and Developing a Healthier Lifestyle

My coaching sessions with Jan have helped provide clarity and direction in my personal and professional life, both of which are at a crossroads. I feel a much better sense of self, where I want to take my life, and actionable steps. The Energy Leadership Index Assessment not only provided self-insight, but also gave a framework to better understand myself and those around me, both in good times and under stress. I’m very grateful to Jan for helping me gain these insights and solidify my direction in both of these critically important areas of my life!

Career and Relationship Crossroads

Jan made me feel safe and comfortable talking about any issue. She attentively listened, asked me poignant questions, and made sure she understood my point of view before transitioning into a thoughtful discussion of a plan of action. Jan never imposed her thoughts, never played the know-it-all. She stayed, and kept me focused on my path toward my goal. She is an excellent resource on family caregiving.

Family Caregiving

I work with Jan because she helps me find paths to success beyond my own previously set limits. When I started with her, I had this idea of finding fulfillment in my personal and professional life that in reality was limiting the impact I wanted to have on others. Through our work together, I was able to rethink what fulfillment meant to me. I’m thankful to Jan for the guidance, perspectives, and most importantly my accountability to the path I wanted all along. The people I support are thankful as well.

Career Clarification